Monday, January 17, 2011

New Years Resolutions Anyone?

I really am not a fan of New Year's resolutions. Why?
1. Because I usually don't set realistic goals for myself.
2. Because I don't think I have actually accomplished one of my so called "new years resolutions" in my life.
And 3. Because an entire year is a long time to have for a goal. I'm such a procrastenator that having a year to do something is guaranteed that I wait til December and try to cram it in the last month and fail miserably and then feel really bad about myself.

Sooo, am I giving up on New Year's resolutions you ask? Sort of. I decided to replace New Year's resolutions with a new form of goals. I am starting a 12 month calendar of goals. I got this idea from my relief society President so don't think I am creative enough to think of this myself. It seems so much easier to me to have a goal for each month. Or even 2 goals each month, provided they're reachable. Some are goals for our home, and others are spiritual goals. Some are personal goals I want to change about myself, and others may be physical goals.

I just think they are much more reachable and realistic for me. So, January starts out with a couple goals.
First, we want to clean our backyard. Sad news, we had to re-home our beloved dogs Alabama and Crimson. Honesty the saddest day of last year, even more sad to me then when Josh lost his job (I know it sounds stupid). But these were my babies and they loved us and we loved them. We put so much time and love into raising them, not to mention money. But it was the best decision for them and our family and we are doing ok. So to start the new year I wanted to clean the backyard of all rocks and poop and get it looking more managable to put a brand new backyard in. We won't be getting that project done for awhile seeing how it costs money, but we just want to get the backyard ready for when we decide to start it.
Our other goals of getting the front and back room rearranged after the dogs left has already been done and it looks great!

Anyway, enough with my January goals. January is almost over, and I can't believe it! Braxton turned 2 last month and we enjoyed having friends and family over for food and games. It was Toy Story themed, since that's Braxton's favorite. We did all of Braxton's favorite foods (hot dogs, mac n cheese, and chicken nuggets) and played pin the badge on Sheriff Woody or pin the space ranger sign on Buzz. The kids had a lot of fun and we really enjoyed having all our friends and family there. Braxton really had a great time. He's at that stage in his toddler life that's he's really starting to have "friends" and play with other kids really well. I love it! It has especially been sooo fun having all his cousins back from Texas. He's been able to play with them more and get to know them! It's been so much fun! Braxton is talking so much more everyday. He's putting more phrases together and sometimes I actually think I can understand him! He loves his brother so much and all babies really. He is so good with him and is such a love bug. He has a problem sharing sometimes but most of the time he lets Nixon play with him. But These last 2 months have been especially hard for us since he woke up one morning and decided tantrums were the only way to get what he wants! So frustrating! But aside from his tantrums and late night screaming we love him to pieces.

Some of Braxton's favorite things:
Word- Woody or "woobies"
Food- depends on the day, this kid is picky! But to be safe i'll just say Cheese
Toy- His Buzz and Woody dolls. Or just any Ball
Game- Playing Basketball with his buzz and woody hoop

Nixon. I don't even know where to begin with this child. He will be 1 in February, and it feels like he's still my little 2 month old baby! He's much slower with his mobility than Braxton was, maybe that's why I feel like he's not old enough to be 1 yet! Braxton was running around by the time he was 1 and Nixon I doubt will be walking yet. But that's just fine with me, Braxton does enough running for him. I was worried that as Nixon got older he would grow out of his sweet easy going personality... and thankfully I have been wrong so far! He is still just as much of an angel as ever! He has so much love to go around it's incredible. I didn't think I could learn as much from a baby as I have from Nixon. But this kid is the opitome of unconditional love. Talk about a true example of Christ. I know he's only a baby, but Braxton was never like this. From the time he was about 2 months old he was very selective of who could hold him or who he shared his smiles with. Not this kid. He is as giving of his love as Christ was. Not a single person I know of has yet to make him upset for no reason. Obviously he gets upset if he's hungry or poopy, or extra tired. But even then, you can always manage a smile out of him. He is something special and I just pray that he doesn't lose it as he gets older.
Aside from that, my Nixon can sure eat! His pediatrician to me he should be off all baby food now so I took him off baby food and ever since he has been a non-stop eating machine! I mean it is all day long. He'll have a whole bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, then a handful of cheerios, then a whole banana, then some crackers, then a whole hot dog for lunch, with some more fruit and more crackers and another bowl of cheerios if I let him. Then a whole bowl of ravioli for dinner with some green beans and more fruit. Non stop i'm telling you! He eats more than I do!
Anyways, I love my boys more than anything. They bring so much character to our family and we have been so blessed!

Josh passed his first semester of his 4th year in elevator school and he starts up school again this week. LAST SEMSTER! WOO HOO! His final semester before he can take his mechanic test. Then it's over! Let's just pray a miracle happens and he can keep his job that long or find one at another company. This last year was a real tough one for everyone I talk to. I know we have been so blessed. Somehow we made it through with only a few bumps and bruises. If you would've asked me a year ago how I would've handled the trials we went through this last year I would've said I couldn't. It's funny how much better the Lord knows us than we even do ourselves. Because he knew how much I could handle. And somehow I survived. We survived and we are still moving forward.
So a new year has started and we have filled up our tanks (went to the temple) and are ready for the next year of whatever trials or joys the Lord sees fit to give us!

P.S- we couldn't make it through anything without going to the temple EVERY month. The one or two times we missed a month were actually when we struggled the most with our own trials. Funny how something so simple can make such an impact on our lives.

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